Sustainability Promise

There are real benefits to working in a collaborative online and truly mobile business environment.

The mrlarrygreen Mobility Realty Group was founded on ways of keeping your dreams sustainable. To us, sustainable means being mobile and eliminating the redundancies of traditional businesses and moving to a paperless, low carbon footprint, highly efficient ecosystem leveraging today’s technologies. Continually focusing on quality results and performance to enhance the lives of others, both organizationally and individually through education and learning experiences as we continue to grow

In business, we still have not been able to get totally away from paper, but we are certainly making progress. Most companies will eventually adopt greener ways to conduct business, we only wanted to exist if we knew could do it from the beginning. By using shared cloud services, we are able to reduce the number of copies considerably and as early adopters using Docusign we eliminate printing all together in most cases. We keep digital copies of a contract, invoices and marketing promotions that way they are always viewable and printed only when needed. We use electronic fax systems that don’t waste paper and toner and will very rarely use traditional fax machines. As mobile technology continues to improve we will improve and become more efficient along with it. 

We partner with the sharing economy also known as collaborative consumption, is a trending business concept that highlights the ability (and perhaps the preference) for individuals to rent or borrow goods rather than buy and own them. The most important criteria for a sharing economy is that it allows individuals to monetize assets that are not being fully utilized. We know In the past, people discovered and shared such assets through classified ads in a local newspaper or by word of mouth. With the advent of the Internet, pervasive computing and the ease of mobile payments however, that began to change.  Examples of sustainable startup businesses that have grown out of the sharing economy include Zipcar, a car-sharing service that allows members to rent vehicles by the hour and Airbnb, a peer-to-peer marketplace for lodging. 

We utilize our hybrid and gas efficient vehicles as complete mobile offices to operate our business, which benefits everyone from less driving to and from our physical office. We are able to average 10 miles less on the road a day per person in our organization. It also means fewer carbon emissions and we cut down on commute times and save fuel ensuring we are taking the appropriate steps of being green. Being prepared is the way we make our eco system of mobility work for us, juggling multiple devices and coordinating information stored on those devices and in the “cloud” of internet-based services. A truly collaborative mobile business environment translates into net real savings for the mrlarrygreen Mobility Realty Group and an increase in the financial splits to our community.